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WWO Organization

WWO Structure

WWO Organigram

WWO Executive Council

WABT House - Alliance - Network

Life Sciences and Health Sciences

WABT Cie - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

ID - Innovation & Development Business Club


ICET – The International Council for Engineering and Technology


Executive President, 3 Vice-Presidents (one Executive, with the coordination tasks on R&D in BioMedical Sciences and Technologies, one in Industry, one in Strategy & Finance), 1 Executive Secretary General, 1 Junior Secretary General, 3 Deputy Secretary General (with the coordination tasks - on international cooperation, - on scientific and technical medical programs and projects, - on administrative organization), 1 Treasurer General (Director Financial Planning and Programs), 1 Deputy Treasurer General (for administrative financial work-out), 1 Director for Strategic Planning and Programs (SPP), 1 Director for International Media Communication, 1 Director for Medical Science &Technology Strategy, the Chairmen Delegates for the 6 Major World Regions (Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania),the President of ISCA (The International Scientific Council of the Academy), the President of ITAB (The Industrial and Technical Advisory Board of the Academy), the Chairman Delegate for WABT Committees and Commissions, the Chairman Delegate for NGOs, the Chairman Delegate for Diplomatic Relationships.
Chairmen Delegates for Coordination for WABT House, WABT Alliance, WABT Network and WWO Interfaces will be nominated.
Representatives from UN Agencies and related Institutions are regularly invited for current outsourcing projects.

Board and Administrative Council

Executive President, Giuseppe TRITTO, EU – Italy (Medical Sciences and Health)
Executive Vice-President, Donna HUDSON, USA (BioMedical Sciences and Technologies)
Vice-President, Liu ZHONGQI, China (Strategy & Finance)
Vice-President, Sujoy GUHA, India (Industry)
Executive Secretary General, Andrew MARSH, EU – UK (International Cooperation)
Junior Secretary General, and Deputy-Secretary General, Koel Chaudhury, India
Deputy-Secretary General, Michel SOUSSALINE, EU – France (Medical SPP)

Deputy-Secretary General, Denis CARROLL, EU - UK (International Cooperation IC) Deputy-Secretary General, Nino Guy CASSUTO, EU - Fr (AdOrg)
Treasurer General, Ghuppy DHARIWAL, EU – UK (Director FPP)
Deputy Treasurer General, Bernard GINET, EU-France
Director SPP, Lodewjik BOS, EU – The Netherlands (Strategic Planning and Programs)
Director International Media Communication, Frank LIEVENS, EU – Belgium
Director Medical Science, Technology & ICT Strategy, Phil CANDY, Australia
President ISCA, Maurice COHEN, USA
Vice-President, James GOLDBERG, France
President ITAB, Sujoy GUHA, India
Vice-President, Murray WIKOL, USA
Vice-President, Imre SOMODY, EU – Hungary
Vice-President, Li SHUNNAN, China
Chairman Delegate WABT Committees and Commissions, Giulio TARRO, Italy Chairman Delegate for NGOs, Yunkap KWANKAM, Switzerland
Chairman Delegate for Diplomatic Relationships, André ERDOS, Hungary
Chairman Delegate for Health Policy and Diplomatic Strategy, Mateja DE LEONNI STANONIK, USA - Slovenia
Chairman Delegate for Europe, Peter BRETT, EU – UK
- Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Mateja DE LEONNI STANONIK, USA
- Western Europe, Dominique GILLOT, Switzerland
- UK and Commonwealth, Peter BRETT, EU – UK
- France and Francophone Area, Andrè HAZOUT, EU – France
- Hungary, Edit ERDEI, EU-Hungary
- Serbia, Vinka VUKOTIC-MALETIC, Serbia
Chairman Delegate for Mediterranean Area, Abdel-Badeeh M. SALEM, Egypt
Chairman Delegate for North America, Charlie ROBINSON, USA
Chairman Delegate for USA, Martin DYM, USA
Chairman Delegate for South America, Ramos DALTON LUIZ de PAULA , Brasil
Chairman Delegate for Africa, Donatien MAVOUNGOU, Gabon
Chairman Delegate for Asia,Liu ZHONGQI, China
Chairman Delegate for Oceania, Irena COSIC, Australia
Chairman Delegate for Islands and State Islands, Giovanni D’AYALA, Italy

WABT Executive Council - WEC

7 WEC Members: the President or the Executive Vice-President of WABT ,the President of ISCA, the President of ITAB, two representatives for the main sections
- Strategy & Finance
- Management and Organization

WABT Governance: Main Bodies

- WABT Executive Council
- Committees and Commissions Corpus
- WABT Cie Innovation & Entrepreneurship
- ID Business Club
- SCIENCE & PEACE Forum ( Delegate: Liu ANSHENG, China)
- WWO – NGTP (Delegate: Eva KASZAB, EU – Hungary)
( Delegates: Alice KAROUBI-NORDON, EU-Fr, Marcella COCCANARI, EU-Italy)

Legal Advisors

- Ascott Associés
- Coccanari & Partners

International Accounters

- Moores Rowland Associati

EC Operational Agencies

- Gaia Italy
- Inpharma

WABT - Human Health Medicine